Uganda Needs Mormonism

Who plays in the greatest religious satire of all time?

A new theatrical production has been under the spotlight in recent years. Not since “Jesus Christ Superstar” has a religious-satire musical been as successful as “The Book of Mormon.” Cheap Book of Mormon tickets are hard to find because this is a musical theatre piece that fiercely satirizes the Mormon Church. Not surprisingly, this creation was born from the same minds that created the (in)famous South Park comedy series. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, joined by Robert Lopez, created a musical that has received widespread critical acclaim since the premiere for its highly funny and well-thought plot, cast performances, choreographies and direction.

This article delves in the cast members of the musical, focusing on the current Broadway cast. The Book of Mormons has 13 characters:

The Mission President is the leader of the two missionaries who go on a mission to Uganda. The character is played by Lewis Cleale who also plays four other characters;

The Mission Training Center Voice is played by Lewis Cleale;
Price’s Dad is played by Lewis Cleale;

Joseph Smith, the historic founder of the Latter Day Saint movement is played by Lewis Cleale;

Jesus Christ figure is also played by Lewis Cleale.

Elder McKinley is another Mormon elder – An unassuming homosexual who rules the Church in Uganda. The character is played by Matt Loehr who plays two more characters;

Elder Green is played by Matt Loehr;

Angel Moroni is also played by Matt Loehr.

Elder Kevin Price is one of the Mormon missionaries sent to spread the word of God in Uganda. He is ambitious and egocentric to a fault. Character played by Nic Rouleau.

Elder Arnold Cunningham is the other missionary joining Price in a mission to Uganda. He is a thoroughly loyal follower of Price until the latter selfishly dumps Cunningham, after which Cunningham will “Man Up” for the first time in his life. Character played by Ben Platt.
Mafala Hatambi is a member of the Ugandan tribe and the tour guide of the missionaries, played by Daniel Breaker.

Nabulungi is the daughter of Mafala Hatambi, caught up in a dream to travel to (a mispronounced) Salt Lake City. She is played by Nikki Renée Daniels.

General Butt-F**king Naked is the tyrant ruler of the city visited by the missionaries; prone to fits of paranoia. The name of the character is based on a real life person who was nicknamed General Butt Naked. The character played by Derrick Williams.

Some of these actors are well-known to the general public while others are relatively unknown. But according to critics, their performances are more than up to pair for their characters’ names and the witty humor of The Book of Mormon.