1954 Rebirth

The Home of the Orioles-The Oriole Park of Camden Yards

The renovated and highly respected Diamond Square of Camden Yards; The Oriole Park has been the home to the Baltimore Orioles since their rebirth in 1954. Although the Oriole Park was reconstructed in 1992 to host humongous and a generous capacity crowd it was well recognized since the early 50’s. This particular ground is owned and operated by the Maryland stadium authority since it began its services as the home ground for the Baltimore Orioles. The Baltimore Orioles’ official stadium has a capacity of approximately 50,000 as it stands today. The famous Camden Yard ball park consists of many a number of surprises and memories since its very birth early in the 20th century. Buy Baltimore Orioles Tickets ASAP before they are to expensive to enjoy games.

The very ground was built after many analyses, and even the public was asked to give their opinions for suitable designs for the ball park. The name was given to the ball park after a considerable amount of debates between the Maryland mayor who wanted to name it The Camden Yards, and the former Orioles manager who wanted to name it as Oriole Park, which soon resulted in a conclusion where it was registered on the combination of both names. “Camden Yards-Oriole Park”. When the ball park was renovated, it cost them around 110 million dollars as the management mainly considered on the establishments of the double tire seating arena. In March 2013, Trip Advisor named Oriole Park as the third ranked stadium among all the other United States ballparks. There are a number of interesting details about the arena for anyone who might be planning to see the Orioles in person. For example, the ball park is almost 16 feet from the Camden Park street level, it is surfaced using the Kentucky blue grass, and Oriole Park consists of 4600 club seat sets and 72 luxurious sets. All the seats in Camden Yard are painted green except for two special seats to monument Cal Ripken’s 278th record breaking home run and Eddie Murray’s 500th career home run on the left and right wings respectively.

And this majestic venue is quite the beauty with its blue grass and the seat settings. The ground has its royal measures as it seems, 333 feet left wing line followed by a 318 feet right wing line, Center field stands itself as 400 feet followed by the 364 feet left center and 373 feet right center from the ball pitch. The venue is quite famous not only because it belongs to the Baltimore Orioles but also because the arena is very fan friendly. Oriole Park does a much better job than most stadiums of making sure that their fans have a good experience while they are there. The grandeur of this beautiful stadium will continue in the future, for its value is immeasurable.