Can RG3 Pull Off a Playoff Birth?

Will Washington Redskins Shine or Stink In Their Hall Of Fame Games this Season?

This year’s football season is knocking at our door step, and we are almost opening the door for yet another amazing season. It’s yet another challenging season for the Washington Redskins and Redskins tickets are easier to get than ever. Will their 2012 season glory resurface in this 2014 NFL season? The 2012 season was well planned by the Redskins and, as a result, they have several records in store e.g. the 14-0 score line win against the Seahawks was the most hilarious. From the way things are looking up for the Redskins, most of the predictions are prophesying glory only. NFL experts have also not been left out of the positive predictions.

To begin with, Washington Redskins must do well in their upcoming season game fixtures in order to safeguard their name. Experts have mentioned that Redskins is a team that is led by iconic players in the NFL. They, therefore have to secure their name from negative publicity this season. A player like Robert Griffin III, popularly known as RG3, is a perfectionist. Currently, almost everybody loves Robert and he wouldn’t like that love to come to an end. Instead, this season is his chance to make everybody love Robert more by improving on his performance as quarterback.

Secondly, the Washington Redskins will most likely employ the Redskins’ run game. This tactical run game worked out so well two years ago. They have exhibited the same game play in a couple of times even in the 2013 NFL season and got exceptional results when they did. In the 2012 season, Redskins became the NFL leader in rushing yards. They were also averaged second in yards per carry with 6.18 yards per carry. They also came close in 2013, by averaging third with 4.78 yards per rush. The Redskins run game has worked out for them since 2012. It’s going to work perfectly the same way in 2014 NFL season.

It was devastating to receive the bad news about the loss of London Fletcher. It looks like Washington Redskins will be weak in the middle of the field. However, Perry Riley, with his four year experience at Redskins, is determined to handle the challenge. He ought to work with the linebackers in holding things down.

That was the bad news. Now the good news: the Redskins have signed Mike Caussin, a tight linebacker. The worry about the loss of London Fletcher is completely overshadowed by the signing. Mike is now on form after a hip injury in 2013. He’s an experienced player who has been in play since 2011. He first played in the high school ball in West Springfield as well as in college football at James Madison University.

In conclusion, we can lightly focus on the issues of concern. The major issues are related to the defensive and offensive lines. These issues are being addressed as the Washington Redskins are now entering their training camp. If all is well fixed, we have to prepare our tickets in time for the upcoming Redskins’ hall of fame games.