Dodgers History

Dodger Stadium: Best View In L.A.

Perched high above L.A, in beautiful Elysian Park, sits the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. For over 50 years, the former Brooklyn Dodgers have called this stadium home. With one of the largest seating capacities of professional baseball, Dodger stadium sees tens of thousands of fans every year but make it so difficult to find cheap Dodgers tickets.

Whether you are taking in a baseball game, seeing a concert or catching the filming of a smash new movie, stunning vistas are yours to behold. With a panoramic view, you can see all of downtown L.A. as well as Santa Monica from inside the stadium.

Situated in Downtown L.A., it is conveniently located to all major freeways and only a drive away from the comfort of a luxurious hotel room. Dodger stadium is home to a beloved team, where fans are as “true blue” as their favorite sports team.

Dodger Stadium offers many amenities to their ticket holders, such as a spectacular fireworks show after every game. It’s so grand, it’s witnessed and enjoyed by locals every night of the summer. They also offer private parties, for those who want to watch the game with friends in style.

At Dodger Stadium you do not go hungry! Food at this historical landmark consists of the world famous Dodger Dog. A foot long hot dog with everything on it. Couple this with an ice cold beer or soda, and the game couldn’t get any better.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium has recently undergone renovations, making the sports venue even more endearing to those who love America’s favorite pastime. Stadium owners also pride themselves on their “greener” initiative, following in the foot-steps of many in the great state of California.

If you plan on making a trip to Dodger Stadium any time soon, here are a few tips from a local.


You do not have to pay for parking. You can by all means, but most locals do not. They have a huge new parking lot that borders “Dodger Way” (the street leading to the stadium). Parking here is free and it’s only a short walk to the stadium. Here’s the perk, when the games over, you won’t be stuck in traffic upon leaving.


Friendly, courteous tailgaters are always welcome before the game. Although Dodger fans have a notorious reputation for disliking San Francisco fans, everyone is just there to enjoy the game. Who knows, you might even make a new friend!

Cell Phones

Cell phones are allowed in Dodger Stadium, so you can take pictures galore. The only catch to this, a signal is really hard to come by. If you’re meeting up with a friend, it would be smart to set a meeting place before you get separated. Try Tommy Lasorda’s BBQ or the famous “Taqueria”.

If you choose to take in a game here, you will not be disappointed. The crowd is one of a kind, the food is great and it’s a Los Angeles tradition you just can’t beat!