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Dallas Cowboys: America’s Team

The Dallas Cowboys had a rough season during 2013 making cheap Cowboys tickets easy to find.¬†According to analysts, the 2014 season should move them from being the “Doomsday Defense” back to being “America’s Team.” The team has had its ups and downs; hopefully this year there will be more ups. The boys have made a few changes and will implement them to show they still have what it takes.

The main weakness for Dallas is their defense. There have been a few changes to strengthen the defense for this year; however it still will need the offense to remain a powerhouse in order to pull through with wins. Right now as it stands, the defensive line-up for the Cowboys is like a starving pack of wolves; hungry guys trying to make a name for themselves. The main struggle that they could face this season is going without Demarcus Ware, Sean Lee and Jason Hatcher. These were three of the Dallas Cowboys top defensive players. They did receive Henry Melton and Demarcus Lawrence to possibly make up for the loss.

The one thing that is looking good for the defense is the shifting of the coaching staff; demoting Monte Kiffin to assistant coach and promoting Rod Marinelli to defensive coordinator.

The strength this team has is their offense. The Cowboys are known for having a powerhouse offensive line. Last season it wasn’t able to completely shake their opponents; but wide receiver Dez Bryant is already a dominating player and has been making additional positive changes to his performance. Tony Romo has been a little shaky the past season as far as being stuck in the pocket and being rushed by the opponent’s defensive line, yet they still are ranked 5th in the NFL. Adding Scott Linehan as the passing game coordinator for the team will show to be quite beneficial. He worked with Calvin Johnson and is planning to use Dez Bryant’s capabilities to exceed pass Calvin Johnson. The offense has Dez Bryant, Demarco Murray and Lance Dunbar; combined with the likes of Linehan this should be enough to compensate for what the defense lacks.

The offensive line is the key to get the Cowboys to at least make it to the playoffs. The defense is their weak point and they are aware of this. There are ways to compensate for that and that is by improving their offensive line. If they continue to push Dez Bryant, it doesn’t matter if Romo screws up.