Morbid Angel

Milwaukee’s Got Music – August 2014

August is almost here, which means that summer is coming to a close. Now if you’re anything like me, it doesn’t matter how many shows you’ve seen this summer – you still haven’t met your ideal quota of live music events. Read on to see who you can rock out to at concerts in Milwaukee for the rest of the summer so find cheap concert tickets for sale on the web.

Zendaya Coleman kicks off the month on August 2nd, performing at the Wisconsin State Fair with a few of her Disney co stars. Zendaya is popular with teens, who know her from her hit Disney show Shake It Up. She was also the youngest contestant on Dancing with the Stars. She will be performing at 7 pm on the main stage.

If you’re not into teen pop-rock and prefer something a little more hardcore, you can see the death-metal group Morbid Angel on August 5th. Morbid Angel is the third most popular death metal band in America, and is known for their music’s complexity. They will be playing at The Rave at 2:30 pm, with openers Dying Fetus and Thy Art is Murder.

Looking for something a little less intense? Don’t worry – on August 7th, Milwaukee throws it back to 90’s alt-rock with Everclear, Eve 6, and Soul Asylum. Everclear had a few big summer hits in the 90’s, including “Santa Monica” and “Father of Mine.” You can relive the decade of angst at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at 7 pm.
Also at the Wisconsin Exposition Center, on August 10th, you can go even further back to catch the country-rock sound of Alabama. They peaked in the 80’s, when they became the America’s most popular country band. You might remember “Song of the South” as their biggest song. See them at 6 pm on the 10th.

On August 14th at 7, we’ll return to the present with Christina Perri and Ingrid Michaelson at the Marcus Center for Performing Arts. Perri’s 2010 single “Jar of Hearts” topped the charts after premiering on So You Think You Can Dance. Ingrid Michaelson reached number 37 on U.S. charts in 2007 after being discovered by a Grey’s Anatomy music producer. Both artists are known for their incredible vocals and smooth melodies.

We’ll close out a month of concerts in Milwaukee with 2000’s scene/post-hardcore bands Chiodos and Bless the fall at The Rave/Eagle’s Ballroom on August 28th. Both bands often play at the annual nationwide Van’s Warped Tour, very popular with teens since the mid-2000’s. You can see them play at 6:30.

With all of these upcoming concerts in Milwaukee this August, you’ll definitely be able to score some tickets and get lost in the music.