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Installation and Cost Reduction of Sprinkler Irrigation System

Installing a lawn sprinkler involves a serious amount of hard work. This often means that you have to unearth large areas in your yard in order to properly run the necessary sprinkler piping. The simplest way of doing this is to have it done by professionals during the building of your home. However, professionals who are able to handle irrigation systems Northern Virginia have the experience, tools and skills to do sprinkler installations at any time. This can be when you want to upgrade your lawn or when your home is still under construction. The newly automated sprinkler system will ensure that you have a great looking lawn all year round and add convenience to your watering. This means you will not have the hassle of having to turn your sprinklers on and off. Setting your sprinklers to operate at periods of low consumption during the day will also reduce your water costs. Researching the best commercial landscape maintenance companies is a crucial aspect to keeping your home, business, or office looking sharp year round.

Having a great looking lawn will be easier than ever before with the addition of a new sprinkler system. Making the choice to install one should also be an easy decision. You should make sure you choose a company who is not satisfied with the final results until you are and is dedicated to providing customers with the best sprinkler installation services. All customers should be treated with respect and professionals should conduct themselves well. When you are losing gallons of water due to a sprinkler malfunction you should be able to call on the professionals to assist you with a solution. You need to examine the installation company’s track-record on service and customer satisfaction. You can do this by reading reviews of previous customers. You will soon be able to tell which names you can trust for your installation needs.

Reducing Costs

Although it may be difficult to concisely analyze the cost of your own automated business or home sprinkler system, there are several steps you can take to ensure that the cost of your water bills will decrease. If you want to get the most out of your sprinkler system and see the greatest cost benefit, then you will need to ensure that the general upkeep, maintenance and proper use of your sprinkler system is in tact. You will need to keep several factors in mind to make proper preparations before the sprinkler begins working.

Understanding your sprinkler controls is important. A central box controls your automatic sprinkler and can be used for setting how long you will water for and at what time of the day. Understanding how you operate the box yourself will help you get the most out of your sprinkler. Research will help you to find instructions online and most sprinkler companies are willing to answer any questions you may have. Check and see if your sprinkler system is running too long and if areas in your yard may be over saturated after being watered. Dialing back the length of running time will help you.

Try watering at different times. Watering your lawn early in the morning or at night is often more efficient. Consumption costs can increase as the day becomes hotter. Make sure you are aware of the cheapest watering times for irrigation systems Northern Virginia. You can eliminate the runoff by adjusting your system so that it cycles through a watering rotation instead of handling it all at once. Adequate watering is often best left to three small 5 minute cycles in each area. This ensures that the soil has time to absorb the water. You will have runoff and end up with water wastage if you let it run for too long.

Make sure you have your system properly checked before the spring season. All your concerns will be addressed with a spring sprinkler startup service. This will help you avoid any sprinkler inadequacies and repairs before they become issues. It is important to regularly maintain your sprinkler and keep it working as best as possible. By applying all the above advice to your system you will be able to save money on your watering. With the development of a good money saving watering plan for your sprinkler you will be able to drastically reduce the cost of your water bill.

Metro, Buses, Tours, DC

In the event that your travel spending plan is tight and you are traveling to Washington, DC, arriving at Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) may be your most logical option. Generally speaking, the least expensive flights into Washington land at BWI, which is Washington’s third airport after Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and Washington Dulles International (IAD). BWI is less expensive predominantly on the grounds that it is a Southwest center. Then again, in the event that you utilize BWI, you then have the test of discovering DCA airport transportation. Inexpensive approaches to get to Washington incorporate taking: (1) the B30 express transport to the DC Metro tram framework and (2) a shuttle transport from BWI to the close-by train station and afterward taking a train to Washington’s Union Station. There are also many bus services and Washington DC bus tours you can locate to travel without care around the DC area and to take in the sights.

Express Bus Service to the Greenbelt Metro Station

DCA airport transportation runs relentless in the middle of BWI and the Greenbelt Metro Station, the keep going stop on the Green Line, issuing you simple access to the greater part of the Washington, DC region, including adjacent rural areas. Right now, the transport admission is $6, and you pay when you get on the transport. You have to have careful change accessible. To the $6 you need to include metro toll which changes by how far you travel and the season of day, yet the charge from Greenbelt to downtown DC is in the $2.75-$4.60 territory. There are candy machines at the Metro station for obtaining passage cards. Having a move on sack ought not posture excessively of a problem. The B30 has a baggage rack.

The B30 transport runs about at regular intervals. The vast majority of the 40 minutes is obliged to achieve the metro. In the event that you are going to land at BWI at an odd hour, you may need to check with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Web webpage for the B30 transport plan.

Both BWI stops for the B30 are situated on the lower, baggage carousel level. For the first stop, exit entryway number 2, which is in the Concourse A-B zone close baggage carousels 1-4. This range is devoted to Southwest Airlines. When you leave the baggage carousel region you will see two paths of movement before you and afterward a passerby island. Past the passerby island are more activity paths. Traverse to the passerby island and turn left. The Regional Bus safe house is around 500 feet down from entryway 2. At the safe house you ought to have the capacity to discover the timetable for the B30. For the second stop, exit entryway 17. Once more, the Regional Bus sanctuary is on the walker island. The sanctuary is between entryways 17 and 18.

Train Service from BWI to Washington’s Union Station

In lieu of taking B30 to the Metro, you may need to take the complimentary Amtrak/MARC shuttle transport to the close-by train station. From the train station you can take either an Amtrak train or amid the week you can take a MARC train. Both Amtrak and MARC service Union Station in downtown Washington and additionally numerous different destinations in Maryland and, with Amtrak, past. At this written work, the charge to Union Station on the MARC is $6. Amtrak trains are considerably more expensive and can be extremely expensive on the off chance that you take one of the Acela Express prepares, which are just somewhat quicker from BWI to DC. So amid the week you may need to consider the MARC trains. Coincidentally, in the event that you don’t have room schedule-wise to buy a ticket for a MARC train, you can purchase a ticket from the conductor however you will need to pay a service expense of $3. You will need money.

At BWI you can get to the Amtrak/MARC shuttle transports from the lower level baggage carousel/transportation territory. Search for signs to rail and stopping shuttles. Overlook signs to “Light Rail,” which is a different service to Baltimore. There are four shuttle transport stops that ring the horseshoe-molded airport. You can get to the transport stops through entryways 2, 9, 15, or 17. Once on the control search for a sign post for stopping and rail shuttles. It won’t be straightforwardly before you as you leave the baggage carousel range, so look to one side and right. Expect to sit tight up to 25 minutes for a shuttle transport. The train station is about a mile from the airport. When you get to the station you can buy a ticket to DC. At that point you should simply verify you get on the train to Union Station.

With a limited travel spending plan, discovering approaches to save money on travel is constantly worth considering for me, and I think it is for you too. Flying into Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) is an a valid example. I discover BWI is quite often less expensive than the other two DC airports. In any case, that raises the problem of getting to DC from the airport. I trust this article aides take care of that problem for your next trip to our Nation’s Capital.

Dodgers History

Dodger Stadium: Best View In L.A.

Perched high above L.A, in beautiful Elysian Park, sits the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. For over 50 years, the former Brooklyn Dodgers have called this stadium home. With one of the largest seating capacities of professional baseball, Dodger stadium sees tens of thousands of fans every year but make it so difficult to find cheap Dodgers tickets.

Whether you are taking in a baseball game, seeing a concert or catching the filming of a smash new movie, stunning vistas are yours to behold. With a panoramic view, you can see all of downtown L.A. as well as Santa Monica from inside the stadium.

Situated in Downtown L.A., it is conveniently located to all major freeways and only a drive away from the comfort of a luxurious hotel room. Dodger stadium is home to a beloved team, where fans are as “true blue” as their favorite sports team.

Dodger Stadium offers many amenities to their ticket holders, such as a spectacular fireworks show after every game. It’s so grand, it’s witnessed and enjoyed by locals every night of the summer. They also offer private parties, for those who want to watch the game with friends in style.

At Dodger Stadium you do not go hungry! Food at this historical landmark consists of the world famous Dodger Dog. A foot long hot dog with everything on it. Couple this with an ice cold beer or soda, and the game couldn’t get any better.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium has recently undergone renovations, making the sports venue even more endearing to those who love America’s favorite pastime. Stadium owners also pride themselves on their “greener” initiative, following in the foot-steps of many in the great state of California.

If you plan on making a trip to Dodger Stadium any time soon, here are a few tips from a local.


You do not have to pay for parking. You can by all means, but most locals do not. They have a huge new parking lot that borders “Dodger Way” (the street leading to the stadium). Parking here is free and it’s only a short walk to the stadium. Here’s the perk, when the games over, you won’t be stuck in traffic upon leaving.


Friendly, courteous tailgaters are always welcome before the game. Although Dodger fans have a notorious reputation for disliking San Francisco fans, everyone is just there to enjoy the game. Who knows, you might even make a new friend!

Cell Phones

Cell phones are allowed in Dodger Stadium, so you can take pictures galore. The only catch to this, a signal is really hard to come by. If you’re meeting up with a friend, it would be smart to set a meeting place before you get separated. Try Tommy Lasorda’s BBQ or the famous “Taqueria”.

If you choose to take in a game here, you will not be disappointed. The crowd is one of a kind, the food is great and it’s a Los Angeles tradition you just can’t beat!

Morbid Angel

Milwaukee’s Got Music – August 2014

August is almost here, which means that summer is coming to a close. Now if you’re anything like me, it doesn’t matter how many shows you’ve seen this summer – you still haven’t met your ideal quota of live music events. Read on to see who you can rock out to at concerts in Milwaukee for the rest of the summer so find cheap concert tickets for sale on the web.

Zendaya Coleman kicks off the month on August 2nd, performing at the Wisconsin State Fair with a few of her Disney co stars. Zendaya is popular with teens, who know her from her hit Disney show Shake It Up. She was also the youngest contestant on Dancing with the Stars. She will be performing at 7 pm on the main stage.

If you’re not into teen pop-rock and prefer something a little more hardcore, you can see the death-metal group Morbid Angel on August 5th. Morbid Angel is the third most popular death metal band in America, and is known for their music’s complexity. They will be playing at The Rave at 2:30 pm, with openers Dying Fetus and Thy Art is Murder.

Looking for something a little less intense? Don’t worry – on August 7th, Milwaukee throws it back to 90’s alt-rock with Everclear, Eve 6, and Soul Asylum. Everclear had a few big summer hits in the 90’s, including “Santa Monica” and “Father of Mine.” You can relive the decade of angst at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at 7 pm.
Also at the Wisconsin Exposition Center, on August 10th, you can go even further back to catch the country-rock sound of Alabama. They peaked in the 80’s, when they became the America’s most popular country band. You might remember “Song of the South” as their biggest song. See them at 6 pm on the 10th.

On August 14th at 7, we’ll return to the present with Christina Perri and Ingrid Michaelson at the Marcus Center for Performing Arts. Perri’s 2010 single “Jar of Hearts” topped the charts after premiering on So You Think You Can Dance. Ingrid Michaelson reached number 37 on U.S. charts in 2007 after being discovered by a Grey’s Anatomy music producer. Both artists are known for their incredible vocals and smooth melodies.

We’ll close out a month of concerts in Milwaukee with 2000’s scene/post-hardcore bands Chiodos and Bless the fall at The Rave/Eagle’s Ballroom on August 28th. Both bands often play at the annual nationwide Van’s Warped Tour, very popular with teens since the mid-2000’s. You can see them play at 6:30.

With all of these upcoming concerts in Milwaukee this August, you’ll definitely be able to score some tickets and get lost in the music.

Draft Picks Up For The Challenge?

Dallas Cowboys: America’s Team

The Dallas Cowboys had a rough season during 2013 making cheap Cowboys tickets easy to find. According to analysts, the 2014 season should move them from being the “Doomsday Defense” back to being “America’s Team.” The team has had its ups and downs; hopefully this year there will be more ups. The boys have made a few changes and will implement them to show they still have what it takes.

The main weakness for Dallas is their defense. There have been a few changes to strengthen the defense for this year; however it still will need the offense to remain a powerhouse in order to pull through with wins. Right now as it stands, the defensive line-up for the Cowboys is like a starving pack of wolves; hungry guys trying to make a name for themselves. The main struggle that they could face this season is going without Demarcus Ware, Sean Lee and Jason Hatcher. These were three of the Dallas Cowboys top defensive players. They did receive Henry Melton and Demarcus Lawrence to possibly make up for the loss.

The one thing that is looking good for the defense is the shifting of the coaching staff; demoting Monte Kiffin to assistant coach and promoting Rod Marinelli to defensive coordinator.

The strength this team has is their offense. The Cowboys are known for having a powerhouse offensive line. Last season it wasn’t able to completely shake their opponents; but wide receiver Dez Bryant is already a dominating player and has been making additional positive changes to his performance. Tony Romo has been a little shaky the past season as far as being stuck in the pocket and being rushed by the opponent’s defensive line, yet they still are ranked 5th in the NFL. Adding Scott Linehan as the passing game coordinator for the team will show to be quite beneficial. He worked with Calvin Johnson and is planning to use Dez Bryant’s capabilities to exceed pass Calvin Johnson. The offense has Dez Bryant, Demarco Murray and Lance Dunbar; combined with the likes of Linehan this should be enough to compensate for what the defense lacks.

The offensive line is the key to get the Cowboys to at least make it to the playoffs. The defense is their weak point and they are aware of this. There are ways to compensate for that and that is by improving their offensive line. If they continue to push Dez Bryant, it doesn’t matter if Romo screws up.

Uganda Needs Mormonism

Who plays in the greatest religious satire of all time?

A new theatrical production has been under the spotlight in recent years. Not since “Jesus Christ Superstar” has a religious-satire musical been as successful as “The Book of Mormon.” Cheap Book of Mormon tickets are hard to find because this is a musical theatre piece that fiercely satirizes the Mormon Church. Not surprisingly, this creation was born from the same minds that created the (in)famous South Park comedy series. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, joined by Robert Lopez, created a musical that has received widespread critical acclaim since the premiere for its highly funny and well-thought plot, cast performances, choreographies and direction.

This article delves in the cast members of the musical, focusing on the current Broadway cast. The Book of Mormons has 13 characters:

The Mission President is the leader of the two missionaries who go on a mission to Uganda. The character is played by Lewis Cleale who also plays four other characters;

The Mission Training Center Voice is played by Lewis Cleale;
Price’s Dad is played by Lewis Cleale;

Joseph Smith, the historic founder of the Latter Day Saint movement is played by Lewis Cleale;

Jesus Christ figure is also played by Lewis Cleale.

Elder McKinley is another Mormon elder – An unassuming homosexual who rules the Church in Uganda. The character is played by Matt Loehr who plays two more characters;

Elder Green is played by Matt Loehr;

Angel Moroni is also played by Matt Loehr.

Elder Kevin Price is one of the Mormon missionaries sent to spread the word of God in Uganda. He is ambitious and egocentric to a fault. Character played by Nic Rouleau.

Elder Arnold Cunningham is the other missionary joining Price in a mission to Uganda. He is a thoroughly loyal follower of Price until the latter selfishly dumps Cunningham, after which Cunningham will “Man Up” for the first time in his life. Character played by Ben Platt.
Mafala Hatambi is a member of the Ugandan tribe and the tour guide of the missionaries, played by Daniel Breaker.

Nabulungi is the daughter of Mafala Hatambi, caught up in a dream to travel to (a mispronounced) Salt Lake City. She is played by Nikki Renée Daniels.

General Butt-F**king Naked is the tyrant ruler of the city visited by the missionaries; prone to fits of paranoia. The name of the character is based on a real life person who was nicknamed General Butt Naked. The character played by Derrick Williams.

Some of these actors are well-known to the general public while others are relatively unknown. But according to critics, their performances are more than up to pair for their characters’ names and the witty humor of The Book of Mormon.

Heavy Rhythms To Rock YOU HARD!

Rock Concerts and Heavy Rhythms in Cleveland

Rock band enthusiasts have reason to flock to see their favorite bands in Cleveland this August because there are a lot of discount concert tickets floating around still. Imagine the dizzying spell of electric guitars, percussion, and powerful performances. Rock concerts live up to its name as a crowd drawer in the Cleveland rock scene. Choose the rock concerts in Cleveland that might just be eclectic, soulful, romantic, dark, tumultuous, and downright rebellious.

The famous touring band Hundredth will perform at Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights, Ohio this August 1st. Take the Friday night out with your friends and listen to the famous band led by its lead vocalist Chadwick Johnson. This American Melodic Hardcore band will overwhelm you with their songs like Shine, Sun, Brighter, and Rise. The rock band seems to weave magic to the audience who are enthralled with the songs and their lyrics seem to spread like wildfire. Hundredth has a hardcore music to play and a story to tell.

Catch One Republic as it takes center stage on August 6, 2014 at the Blossom Music Center. This Pop Rock band has soul in their music. The band has a unique mix of musical instruments -guitar, piano, bass, cello, and drums. Their lead vocalist, and singer songwriter Ryan Tedder’s lead single “Apologize” will get you singing with their music. Go crazy with the song Secrets, Counting Stars, and Good Life. OneRepublic’s music resonates with the audiences because it speaks volumes of emotions. Enjoy easy listening or sing with the band with a rock band feel with OneRepublic.

Chevelle rocks the House of Blues in Cleveland Ohio on August 10, 2014. The alternative metal band has songs like Hats Off the Bull, Sci-Fi Crimes, Vena Sera, and Stray Arrows as well as the 2014 album La Gorgola. Their brand of music is like the famed Metallica, but more dark. The band has a distinct quality of sound like being caught in between a controlled turmoil or a harmonized tumult. One listens to them and gets swayed by the velocity and power of the vocal lead, Peter Loeffler.

Smile Empty Soul will perform at the Agora Theatre & Ballroom, Euclid Avenue in Cleveland on August 7, 2014. The band will surely perform their sixth album Chemicals with such hard hitting rock songs such as Real, Sitting Ducks, Swim, Balance, and Landslide. The reverberating voice of the lead singer Sean Daniel caught the following of many fans. The band’s unique sound is distinct, clean, and almost poetic. The band is living up to its name as a rock band with a soul.

Can RG3 Pull Off a Playoff Birth?

Will Washington Redskins Shine or Stink In Their Hall Of Fame Games this Season?

This year’s football season is knocking at our door step, and we are almost opening the door for yet another amazing season. It’s yet another challenging season for the Washington Redskins and Redskins tickets are easier to get than ever. Will their 2012 season glory resurface in this 2014 NFL season? The 2012 season was well planned by the Redskins and, as a result, they have several records in store e.g. the 14-0 score line win against the Seahawks was the most hilarious. From the way things are looking up for the Redskins, most of the predictions are prophesying glory only. NFL experts have also not been left out of the positive predictions.

To begin with, Washington Redskins must do well in their upcoming season game fixtures in order to safeguard their name. Experts have mentioned that Redskins is a team that is led by iconic players in the NFL. They, therefore have to secure their name from negative publicity this season. A player like Robert Griffin III, popularly known as RG3, is a perfectionist. Currently, almost everybody loves Robert and he wouldn’t like that love to come to an end. Instead, this season is his chance to make everybody love Robert more by improving on his performance as quarterback.

Secondly, the Washington Redskins will most likely employ the Redskins’ run game. This tactical run game worked out so well two years ago. They have exhibited the same game play in a couple of times even in the 2013 NFL season and got exceptional results when they did. In the 2012 season, Redskins became the NFL leader in rushing yards. They were also averaged second in yards per carry with 6.18 yards per carry. They also came close in 2013, by averaging third with 4.78 yards per rush. The Redskins run game has worked out for them since 2012. It’s going to work perfectly the same way in 2014 NFL season.

It was devastating to receive the bad news about the loss of London Fletcher. It looks like Washington Redskins will be weak in the middle of the field. However, Perry Riley, with his four year experience at Redskins, is determined to handle the challenge. He ought to work with the linebackers in holding things down.

That was the bad news. Now the good news: the Redskins have signed Mike Caussin, a tight linebacker. The worry about the loss of London Fletcher is completely overshadowed by the signing. Mike is now on form after a hip injury in 2013. He’s an experienced player who has been in play since 2011. He first played in the high school ball in West Springfield as well as in college football at James Madison University.

In conclusion, we can lightly focus on the issues of concern. The major issues are related to the defensive and offensive lines. These issues are being addressed as the Washington Redskins are now entering their training camp. If all is well fixed, we have to prepare our tickets in time for the upcoming Redskins’ hall of fame games.

1954 Rebirth

The Home of the Orioles-The Oriole Park of Camden Yards

The renovated and highly respected Diamond Square of Camden Yards; The Oriole Park has been the home to the Baltimore Orioles since their rebirth in 1954. Although the Oriole Park was reconstructed in 1992 to host humongous and a generous capacity crowd it was well recognized since the early 50’s. This particular ground is owned and operated by the Maryland stadium authority since it began its services as the home ground for the Baltimore Orioles. The Baltimore Orioles’ official stadium has a capacity of approximately 50,000 as it stands today. The famous Camden Yard ball park consists of many a number of surprises and memories since its very birth early in the 20th century. Buy Baltimore Orioles Tickets ASAP before they are to expensive to enjoy games.

The very ground was built after many analyses, and even the public was asked to give their opinions for suitable designs for the ball park. The name was given to the ball park after a considerable amount of debates between the Maryland mayor who wanted to name it The Camden Yards, and the former Orioles manager who wanted to name it as Oriole Park, which soon resulted in a conclusion where it was registered on the combination of both names. “Camden Yards-Oriole Park”. When the ball park was renovated, it cost them around 110 million dollars as the management mainly considered on the establishments of the double tire seating arena. In March 2013, Trip Advisor named Oriole Park as the third ranked stadium among all the other United States ballparks. There are a number of interesting details about the arena for anyone who might be planning to see the Orioles in person. For example, the ball park is almost 16 feet from the Camden Park street level, it is surfaced using the Kentucky blue grass, and Oriole Park consists of 4600 club seat sets and 72 luxurious sets. All the seats in Camden Yard are painted green except for two special seats to monument Cal Ripken’s 278th record breaking home run and Eddie Murray’s 500th career home run on the left and right wings respectively.

And this majestic venue is quite the beauty with its blue grass and the seat settings. The ground has its royal measures as it seems, 333 feet left wing line followed by a 318 feet right wing line, Center field stands itself as 400 feet followed by the 364 feet left center and 373 feet right center from the ball pitch. The venue is quite famous not only because it belongs to the Baltimore Orioles but also because the arena is very fan friendly. Oriole Park does a much better job than most stadiums of making sure that their fans have a good experience while they are there. The grandeur of this beautiful stadium will continue in the future, for its value is immeasurable.

NL East

The National League has a National Born Problem

As we get closer to the trading deadline in baseball, let us examine the outlook for the Washington Nationals, who as of games played July 21st, are tied with the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers for the best record in the National League. The Washington Nationals currently have the best run differential in the National League, which is usually a good indicator of future success. Currently, there are 8 teams separated by just 4 games for the 5 playoff spots, ridiculously tight considering that the season is almost two-thirds complete so make sure you purchase Washington Nationals tickets fast before the season ends!

According to, the Washington Nationals are expected to win the National League East by 4 games over the Atlanta Braves. The 91 wins that FanGraphs projects for the Washington Nationals would make them the top seed in the National League, which would be huge because the Washington Nationals would be able to set their pitching rotation against the Wild Card playoff winner due to the extra time off. It would also be important because the Washington Nationals would have home field advantage for the National League playoffs. As of July 21st, the Washington Nationals are 30-20 at home and just 24-23 on the road.

The Washington Nationals also have a fairly easy remaining schedule, with just 21 of their 65 games left against teams in the National League playoff chase. The National League East division race will likely be decided in the 9 games the Washington Nationals have remaining against the Atlanta Braves. The Washington Nationals have one of the best starting rotations in all of baseball, but that hasn’t stopped possible trade rumors of them landing another good pitcher like Cliff Lee of the Philadelphia Phillies. Currently, the Washington Nationals are second in runs allowed in the National League, behind the San Diego Padres, who play in possibly the best pitcher’s ballpark in all of baseball.

The Washington Nationals line-up is also stacked with quality bats like Ian Desmond, Jayson Werth, Adam Laroche, and the controversial wunderkind Bryce Harper, who just recently returned from an injury a few weeks ago. The Washington Nationals, along with the Los Angeles Dodgers, appear to be the best teams in the National League. I would be surprised if the Washington Nationals or the Dodgers did not represent the National League in the World Series. Even though the Los Angeles Dodgers look better on paper, I am going to pick the Washington Nationals to make the World Series. This would be the first time in 90 years Washington D.C. has hosted the Fall Classic, so it would be a humongous event. I do think the Washington Nationals fall short in the World Series to the Oakland Athletics in a dramatic seven game series.